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Professional employment contracts and works council agreements provide the basis for a good and successful work environment. We help you to make employment relations legally secure and sustainable,proactively in good times, but also in difficult change processes and restructurings. In the event of a conflict, we will find the best solution for your interests.

We set up and negotiate employment contracts and accompany you in all labor law matters as an employer, Executive or Managing Director. We will show you options that are appropriate for your interests, to resolve the acute situation, and also its impact on your business in the future. And if it is necessary to terminate employment contracts, we will also show you an appropriate way for settlement agreements.  

We advise you in HR management, when you want to introduce a new organization, a new performance management or remunerationsystem or in the event of a restructuring, if you need to move employees or cut jobs. In case of internal conflicts (including bullying, whistleblowing, harassment, etc.) we are available as a neutral point of contact and also guide you through conciliation and mediation. Works council agreements, socially responsible staff reductions, social plan negotiations, redundancy notice to authorities, transfer of employees  or outplacement: we will guide you successfully through the change.

We work pragmatically, individually and solution-oriented. In addition to facts, figures and legal positions, we have a trained view of what is possible and bring along the empathy required to avoid unnecessarily exacerbating conflicts. This supports an optimal working environment in which you and your workers can work efficiently and successfully.

We are sparring partners, consultants or negotiators, whatever it takes to support you in the best possible way.

Range of services

  • Negotiations with works councils and unions
  • Design, adapt or terminate employment contracts
  • Successfully implement restructurings, introduce working conditions, performance management or remuneration systems