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We act as a complete external legal department, e.g. for medium-sized/growing companies. We also advise entrepreneurs comprehensively in their private asset situation.

We take care of all your legal challenges and protect you from legal surprises. You decide which legal (residual) risks you want to accept in business on the basis of transparent recommendations, because together we define and optimise your legal risk profile (contracts, regulatory, competitive environment, etc.).

We understand your products and processes, which enables us to advise you pragmatically and efficiently. This makes our work more fun! We advise you proactively and preventively because we (anticipate) many things in your company.

For you on site

Our colleagues are regularly present on site (also in meetings, trainings, negotiations) and thus build up personal trust and informal knowledge about your company. In addition, we support you by e-mail, video conferences, etc., and with other colleagues as required. We are therefore a "legal department on demand / as a service".

We suggest lean processes (e.g. contract release) and use proven legal tech (e.g. legal databases) that suits your company.

Our service is flexible in scope and duration. Because we know your processes and priorities, we can scale with our colleagues at lightning speed in special situations (e.g. escalations, transactions).

We can strengthen an existing legal department in a targeted manner, in acute phases, with special topics and projects.

Many years of experience in corporate legal departments

Our attorneys have all worked and led corporate legal departments for many years. Therefore, we work efficiently and without voting losses and adapt to the working style of your legal department.

Your lawyers can concentrate on their core tasks while we relieve them of day-to-day work, or we can absorb peak workloads and resource bottlenecks (e.g. as parental leave representatives).

In strategic projects (e.g. transactions) we become an active part of the project team. We always represent the strategy and specifications of the legal department and keep you informed about all important steps.

Range of services

  • Active addressing and support of all legal issues within the company
  • We fit seamlessly into and shape the strategy, priorities, processes and culture of your company
  • Our price/performance ratio is competitive with any other model Expert team for External Legal Department