Our Services

Fully external Legal Department

We handle all your Legal challenges, as if we were your internal Legal Department, and prevent you from Legal surprises. Together with you, we define your risk profile (contracts, regulatory, competion, etc.), and your risk appetite.

We want to understand your products and your processes, so we can consult you well and efficiently. More fun for us, too! We advise you proactively, because we get to see a lot in your company. We are physically present for meetings, trainings, audits - before something happens!


Support for your existing Legal Team

We support your Legal Team where needed, and adapt to their working style and priorities. Your in-house lawyers can focus on their core issues, because we cover parts of their day-to-day work, give them more bandwith during load peaks, and handle projects efficiently and according to their instructions.

All our lawyers worked themselves in in-house in Legal Depatments for many years, hence we can work efficiently and with no frictions.



During strategic transactions we become part of the project teams, and can cover all Legal topics.

We perform audits for specific topics. We develop or update your Compliance program, and provide an external hotline.


Coaching / Sparring

Together with your Directors and Managers, we analyze the corporate and their personal liability risks, and develop efficient safeguards.

In transformational periods, we support the managmeent, develop scenarios, and rehearse important negotation steps.



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