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Wealthy individuals and families want to structure, protect and/or transfer their assets to the next generation. As an alternative to asset management by banks or financial service providers, you can set up your own "Single Family Office" (with highly individual support) or have yourself managed by a "Multi Family Office" (with slightly lower costs).

We have extensive and long-standing experience in the development, management and consulting of family offices with a focus on real estate.

Depending on the individual's life situation, the asset holder can decide how intensively they want to manage the assets and the extent of their personal involvement, or how to commission a third-party management company.

We support the family office in structuring assets, setting up a family holding company, and in matters of company succession including family governance, questions of inheritance and family law as well as in establishing rules through a family charter. This includes all aspects of tax law and the settlement of conflicts through mediation.

Asset management.

Asset management includes liquid and illiquid asset management. In liquid asset management the family office controls the asset managers. The main assets in illiquid asset management are usually real estate.

We support you in deciding whether the real estate management should be carried out by the family office itself or by experienced and reliable partners. For existing properties and real estate portfolios, we support portfolio management and optimization through asset and property management. We advise on the implementation of the resulting project development and the definition of a real estate purchase and sale strategy.

We also support investments in other asset classes, in particular participation in and takeover of companies and start-ups, in all contractual, corporate and IP legal situations.

An asset holder should contact us so that we can verify and optimize his asset concepts and design personal, consistent and lean legal support from a single source.

Range of services

  • Establish a Family Office and set it up for the future
  • Structure and optimize real estate and other portfolios
  • Succession plan