Our Approach - Your Advantage

Focus on Results, Risks under Control

We find solutions for you, and don't search for problems. We always focus on you economic purpose and what's feasable. We point out the (residual) risks and put safeguards in place.

Sometimes your situation requires the use of all legal means. In other situaitons it makes sense to operate with an 80/20 approach. Together with you, we determine the suitable Legal strategy!


Smooth communication

We deliver work results that you can use immediately, using "Copy and Paste". We don't torture you with "legalese" language, theoretical work, and long disclaimers.

We make you sure will have as little Email traffic form us as possible.

"Legal Technology" (e.g. Contract Databases) can make your and our work life easier. We coordinate the introduction of such sytems, and we can work directly in your systems.



Our dedicated contact lawyers know your company well, and cover the daily business efficiently and proactively. For specific issues we consult our experts, and for major projects we add more resources - all efficiently from one hand.

You have no fixed labor costs.


Value for Money

We offer flexible and "Value Based Pricing".

To cover your "base load" we offer you packages, which are easy for you to budget. This will help that your employees actually consult us in case of doubt - this can save you a lot of money!

Our daily and hourly rates are very attractive. We want to make you happy, so you enjoy working with us. Then it will also be profitable for us!



Curious? It's worth it!